Torrent Bypass

Learn how to unblock torrent websites from anywhere. Can't access popular torrent websites? Many users from United Kingdom UK, United States USA and other countries are reporting issues accessing torrent websites because they are generally blocked by web filters. To bypass torrent websites blocks you just need to purchase HideMyAss VPN proxy and select a VPN IP address located in a random country, for example "USA - Virginia". This way when you connect to torrent websites, it checks your IP address, and since it is virtually located in a different country (thanks to the VPN proxy) you can browse torrent websites without restrictions.

Torrent Bypass


  Step 1: Signup for VPN account

So, what you need to do to unblock torrent websites to download torrents online ? The first step is that you signup for HideMyAss VPN, it will cost you less than $10 per month and you can easily pay with PayPal, so it will only take a few seconds. It is the most used VPN software on the market and it is used by million of users to bypass Internet censorships, web filters, website blocks and to unblock torrent sites from anywhere around the world. Trust me, you won't regret this choice, I successfully use this method from many years without problems.


  Step 2: Download the VPN software

After you sign up, you should receive a confirmation email and you should be able to login to your user account, from where you can download the VPN software for Mac OSX, Windows, Linux, iOS or Android. The download should take only a few seconds to complete. On Microsoft Windows OS it is important you run the installer with administrative privileges, to do so, right-click on the setup file and select "Run as Administrator". If you have security software installed on your computer, make sure to allow the setup file to make changes in your system.

  Step 3: Connect to the VPN

After you have installed the VPN software, launch the application and enter in your username and password. Then select a safe country, like Virginia, from the drop down list of locations and click on "Connect to VPN" button. Congratulations, you are now (virtually) located in Virgnia! You can relax and browse torrent websites from anywhere, without restrictions. Use GeoIpTool to verify your new IP address is located in Virginia (or wherever else you selected). If you want to restore your original location, just disconnect from the VPN software.

HMA VPN Connected

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Unblock torrent websites with VPN proxy

This VPN proxy is used by thousands of users to proxy torrent websites site